Ryan Spencer

Game Engineer

Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm Ryan Spencer, a software, web, and game developer. This is my portfolio where you can view a selection of projects that I am proud of.

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Work Experience

Mindex Technologies

August 2018 - Present

  • Develop web solutions in an Agile format for Paychex using Javascript and Java
  • Work and Ship multiple projects, working across multiple types of projects with cross team dependencies and collobration with multiple inter company groups
  • Mentoring under leadership to learn aspects of runnning a Scrum team and managing team morale
  • Learning under senior Leadership, developing new skills and learning new technologies
G3 Technologies

Summer (June - August) 2014, 2015, 2017

  • Developed prototype using a java interface to create responsive data driven web pages
  • Expanded existing webpages to add functionality and provided additional settings
  • Instantiated Linux Servers and initiated transferring regression testing suites to an automatic Linux solution
Emagination Summer Camp

Summer (June - August) 2016

  • Taught classes on Unity, Gamemaker, and Level Design for multiple age levels
  • Responsible for leadership, protection, and guidance of groups of kids between the ages of 8-18
  • Provided 1 on 1 guidance to individual students as needed
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Ryan Spencer

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